# Upgrading the Call Telemetry Appliance

  • Open a ssh client on TCP port 2222.
    • Port 22 is dedicated for SFTP and CDR only, no OS user can login to it.
  • The default credentials calltelemetry/calltelemetry
    • (but you changed the password from the defaults - right? 👍 just use the 'passwd' command if not)

Run the following script from the shell to update the appliance.

sudo curl https://raw.githubusercontent.com/calltelemetry/calltelemetry/master/ova/update.sh | sudo sh

# Air Gapped Appliance Upgrade Instructions

# Feature Requirements

Air Gapped appliances are supported in version 0.7.9 and later.

This is only for clients who have installed Call Telemetry in secure / offline environments without internet access. The most common method to use is the one line update command.

This will cover how to update Call Telemetry where the box does not have internet access, in this example, version 0.6.8. The version must match what is in your docker-compose.yml file.

# Summary of steps:

  • Build offline Docker tar file and obtain the latest Docker Compose file
  • Upload tar file to Call Telemetry
  • Load tar file as active image

# Step 1 - Configure a host PC with Docker

You will need to download the file, from an internet connected computer to obtain a new image for the appliance container.

Begin by installing Docker (opens new window) on your host computer. The Computer be Linux, Mac or Windows.

# Step 2 - Build the offline tar bundle and update Docker Compose file

In this step you will be a tar file containing the DockerHub image of Call Telemetry.

# If you are upgrading versions, get the docker-compose.yml file also.
wget https://storage.googleapis.com/ct_ovas/docker-compose-dev.yml -O docker-compose.yml

# This example is for 0.6.8
sudo docker pull calltelemetry/web:0.6.8
sudo docker save calltelemetry/web:0.6.8 -o ct-068.tar

# Windows - no sudo required
docker pull calltelemetry/web:0.6.8
docker save calltelemetry/web:0.6.8 -o ct-068.tar

You will now have a file "ct-068.tar" created on your Internet enabled host, ready to upload.

# Step 3 - Upload the tar file to Call Telemetry

We need to upload the file to the Call Telemetry server via SFTP.

Transfer the tar file you created above to your Call Telemetry box using SFTP. I like the using FileZilla (opens new window)

Within FileZilla FTP Client, it will look like this in the connection and just right click to upload your docker tar file to /home/calltelemetry filezilla

# Step 4 - Activate the Image on the Call Telemetry Server

It's time to active the image you just uploaded.

Back on Call Telemetry via SSH (remember - port 2222) just load it as the active image, and restart the service.

sudo docker load -i ct-068.tar
systemctl restart docker-compose-app.service

# To try the latest development version for testing

cp docker-compose.yml old-docker.compose.yaml
wget https://storage.googleapis.com/ct_ovas/docker-compose-dev.yml -O docker-compose.yml
sudo docker-compose pull
systemctl restop docker-compose-app.service

# Kubernetes Updates

# Upgrading versions

helm repo update
helm upgrade -n ct ct ct_charts/stable-ha -f ./ct_values.yaml

# Restarting the admin service / Update to latest patch

kubectl delete pod -n ct -l app=ct-admin-service
kubectl delete pod -n ct -l app=ct-web
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