# Cloud Filtering with TrueSpam

Easily add cloud reputation scoring to your Callmanager / CUCM, along with threshold based actions.

Call Telemetry is an authorized TrueSpam (opens new window) reseller, and can provide you with a single vendor to support the Callmanager integration and TrueSpam API access.

# With TrueSpam reputation and Call Telemetry you can:

  • Obtain Caller Reputation Scores in realtime.
  • Take actions based on the reputation.

# What is a Reputation Score?

Score is a scale from 0-100 from TrueSpam that the calling number is unwanted - Robocall, Telemarketer, or other spam.

# Apply Actions on thresholds:

  • Block callers
  • Soon - Rename calls
  • Soon - Redirect Calls to another extension
  • Soon - Redirect calls to voicemail

# Where do I get API keys?

When you're ready to engage in a proof of concept / demo - please email me [email protected] to get setup.


Requires Enterprise license level. This next part assumes you have installed the OVA and integrated to CUCM for policy control.

# 1. Create Truespam App

From Policy Menu, Apps create an instance of TrueSpam for reputation analysis. add_truespam

# Configure TrueSpam App


# 2. Enter API Details

Enter your API keys, and hostname from your provisioning email. add_truespam

# 3. Set your threshold actions

# Thresholds

TrueSpam returns a caller's score 0 - 100 ( chance of being a Robocall or Spam )

  • 0-39 = Low
  • 40-79 = Medium
  • 80-10 = High

# Actions

  • Block - Drops caller
  • Rename - Renames Caller ID to indicate spam risk.
  • Redirect to an extension or voicemail

You do not have to use all actions, just enable the ones you would like, and set the threshold slider.


# 4. Set your Whitelist / Exclusions (optional)

If you have any numbers to exclude from scanning you can enter them in CSV form here.


Set the minimum digits to scan to your local dial-plan. This minimizes junk queries to the TrueSpam API.


# 5. Apply App to a Rule

Click the plus arrow to move TrueSpam as an active App. add_truespam

# You're Done! 🚀 You just enabled Call Reputation on your Rule, and all matching calls will be inspected.

# Ready for Reputation Reports?