# Caller ID Reputation Scores with TrueSpam

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Easily add reputation scoring to your Callmanager, and use scoring to influence call routing.

Call Telemetry is an authorized TrueSpam (opens new window) reseller, and can provide you with a single vendor to support the Callmanager integration and TrueSpam API access.

# What is a Caller's Reputation Score?

Reputation Score is a scale from 0-100 from TrueSpam that the calling number is unwanted - Robocall, Telemarketer, or other spam.

# Feature Requirements

# With TrueSpam call scores and Call Telemetry you can:

  • Obtain Caller Reputation Scores in realtime.
  • Take actions based on the reputation.

# Call Telemetry actions based on score:

  • Block callers based on score
  • Rename caller ID to indicate spam risk
  • Redirect Calls to another extension or IVR
  • Redirect calls to voicemail

# Where do I get API keys?

When you're ready to engage in a proof of concept or demo - please [contact suppose]](mailto:[email protected]) to get a demo key and assitance with setup.

# Configuring TrueSpam Integration with Cisco Callmanager

This guide will walk you through the steps to enable TrueSpam on your Call Telemetry Appliance.

# Step 1 - Create Truespam App

From Policy Menu, Apps create an instance of TrueSpam for reputation analysis. Screenshot showing how to add the TrueSpam App

# Configure TrueSpam App

Screenshot showing an overview of the TrueSpam App

# Step 2 - Enter API Details

Enter your API keys, and hostname from your provisioning email. Screenshot showing how to enter the TrueSpam API keys

# Step 3 - Set Caller ID Score Thresholds and Actions

In the TrueSpam App, set the score thresholds and actions you would like to take based on the score.

# Call Score Thresholds

TrueSpam returns a caller ID score 0 - 100 ( chance of being a Robocall or Spam )

Score Ranges:

  • 0-39 = Low
  • 40-79 = Medium
  • 80-10 = High

# Actions

You can take the following actions based on the score:

  • Block - Drops caller
  • Rename - Renames Caller ID to indicate spam risk.
  • Redirect to an extension or voicemail

You do not have to use all actions, you can just enable the ones you would like. Set the threshold slider to the score you would like to take action on.

Screenshot showing how to configure TrueSpam actions

# Step 4 - Optional - Set your Caller ID Exclusions

If you have any numbers to exclude from scanning you can enter them in CSV form here.


Set the minimum digits to scan to your local dial-plan. This minimizes junk queries to the TrueSpam API.

Screenshot showing how to add TrueSpam exclusions

# Step 5 - Apply TrueSpam App to a Rule

Click the plus arrow to move TrueSpam as an active App. AScreenshot showing how to add TrueSpam to a rule

# You're Done! 🚀 You just enabled Caller ID Reputation Scores on your Rule, and all matching calls will be inspected.

# Next - you are probably ready to learn about Reputation Reports

Last Updated: 2/17/2024, 6:13:42 PM