# Emergency Alert and Response

Call Telemetry views 911 calls differently than traditional solutions. Our mission is to locate as much data as possible, and build a context location about the phone. We believe that some system knows now, or will know where phones are located. We have tied into CSV, HTTP, and Meraki API to add even more location information to realtime communication alerts. We also build tools to support Network Admins in wire mapping - like our QR Code Wire Mapping for Cisco, saving labor of wire mapping buildings while providing as much safety information as possible in an emergency situation.

# Solution Overview

# Requirements

  • Enterprise License
  • CUCM version (SU3) or higher.
    • Versions bellow this can still get 911 notifications but without location.

# What if I have Emergency Responder?

# We ❤️ Emergency Repsonder - we just add workflows and more discovery.

Great! This is not a replacement. It's an enhacement to your Emergency Response plan.

# Installing with Cisco Emergency Responder

Just attach the ECC / CURRI Profile for Call Telemetry onto your 911 pattern, or CTI ports for Emergency Responder. CER continues to do the ELIN transformations, and Call Telemetry gives you more location and alert workflows.

# What can you discover?

  • CUCM Device information
    • Model, Description, CUCM Location, etc.
  • Phone Details
    • CDP/LLDP, Subnet Mask
  • Traceroute to next hop
    • Identify phone as an MRA or VPN connected device
  • CSV Data about the Subnet - Any fields you want to provide
  • HTTP API Response containing further location information for use in variables
  • Meraki API - Location of device in Meraki Org for location context

# High Level Overview of Realtime Discovery


# Data Model:

Here's an example payload available after a successful discovery. You can use these fields in alerts or apps.

"reason":"permit rule",
"description":"Demo Phone - Room 101",
"address1":"1234 Main St",
"address_text":"1234 Main St Fairhope,AL 36532",
"near":"IDF-Room101 Floor 1, NE Corner of Building.",
"location":"IDF-Room101 Floor 1, NE Corner of Building.",
"model":"Cisco 7821",
"Description":"Demo Phone - Room 101",
"Model":"Cisco 7821",