# Latest Release Notes

# Instructions to upgrade your appliance

# 0.8.2 pending release

# Policy Management

  • Added Mark offline for policies.
  • Added reset hit count.

# Dashboard

  • IPV6 Support in the appliance and for phone discovery.
  • Scanner Status - added a history feature so you can see history of Callmanager Cluster scanner events.

# Policy Apps

  • Webhook App has a new JSON Editor for the body field.
  • UI Validation on all App fields, with error hints and warnings.

# Missed Calls

  • Added refresh button

# End User Management

  • Poller Status - added a live poller status and history feature so you can see history of End User poller events.

# Appliance

  • New UI Web Packages - Entirely UI has been completely rewritten in Vue 3, it's blazing fast now.
  • New API - The entire UI relies on REST API and SSEs. This means you can build your own UI, or integrate with other systems.

# 0.8.1 6-18-2024

# Watch List and Triggers (Spam Analytics)

  • New:
    • Watch List and Triggers - Set thresholds for calls to be alerted on. For example, if a number calls more than 5 times in 10 minutes, it can be added to a Watch List, and an email alert will be sent. This allows you to monitor for suspicious activity, and respond by adding comments to the number, blocking the caller, or marking it to Ignore for watch list processing.

Read more about Watch Lists

# Policy Engine

  • New:
    • Caching for MCIDs, Policies, and Keepalives.
    • CURRI API Performance to 3ms response times.
    • Policy History - added refresh button.
  • Fixes:
    • MCID Hit counter was not incrementing.

Sizing Guide has been updated.

# Phone Dashboard

  • New:
    • Large Cisco Callmanager Cluster Support - Cisco AXL Large data paging support. Faster and reliable loading of AXL Data from large clusters, typically seen in 30,0000 phones and higher clusters.
    • Filter by Device Name Prefix - Customize the Dashboard scan for specific device prefixes. For example, enter SEP to only scan for physical Cisco ip phones, or SEP and CSF devices - whatever combination you want.
    • TLS 1.3 Support - Support for TLS 1.3 for secure connections to the phone.
  • Fixes:
    • RIS Discovery default was 2 seconds, which is too fast for the RISport70 Service rate limit of 15 per minute. Changed to 10 seconds.
    • RIS Query Interval allowed values which exceeded the rate limit, set min to 5.
    • Added handling for AXL memory warnings to retry during discovery.

# Reports

  • New
    • Extension Mobility Usage History - Last login, currently logged in user and profile data.

# CDR Reports

  • Fixes
    • CDR Descending Sorting by Column was not working.
    • CDR was not including the end of the day in the date range.

# Jabber Portal

  • New
    • Added HTML banner explaining a license is required rather than a 401.
    • New recommendation is to disable Refresh from the UC Service.
    • New: Jabber Portal automatically updates when rules are modified
  • Fixes
    • Jabber URL had :80 in it, was not https.
    • Corrected some Exit buttons to exit rather than go back.

# XML Phone Portal

  • New
    • Support for Extension Mobility
    • Minor flow improvements with Exit, Select and Back Buttons for broader phone support.

# Callmanager Support

  • New
    • Support for Callmanager 15.0

# Appliance

  • New
    • License Clearing - Added Clear License button. If you have received a demo or official license, and were getting email alerts about an expired license - you can now clear license data.
    • Platform updates - to Elixir 1.16 and Erlang OTP and supporting libraries.
  • Fixes
    • Data Purging - purging ws not working on some systems. The purge timeout was limited to 5 seconds, so if your system had more data than could be purged in this window, the purging failed.
    • Support for dashes in hostname field - Updated internationalizaion setting for appliance to support dashes in dns hostnames.
    • Optimized Settings page - on some systems the loading time was longer than expected. Optimized the settings page for faster loading.

# 0.8.0 3/5/2024

# Global Block List

  • New: Jabber Portal for submitting blocked calls and managing blocked callers and numbers. Advanced License feature
  • New: Option to Soft redirect blocked calls to a number or voicemail. This works better with some carriers that do not like to receive rejected call responses, and enables potential valid callers to remediate their number's status with your company. Advanced Licenses feature

# Policy Engine

  • New: Global Block List REST API access. You can now manage the Global Block List via API. Advanced License feature
  • Fix: Expiration date on edit MCID was not updating.

# CDR Reports

  • New: Date Filter for CDR Reports. Default page loads the last 7 days of CDR data.
  • New: Better SQL indexing for faster CDR Report searching.
  • New: Selector for Calling Party and Called Party search sources for CDR Reports. Faster indexing and searching.
  • Fix: CDR Live Event Streaming was not working.

# Appliance

  • New: Testing AlmaLinux 9.3 builds for potential support. If you are interested, let me know.
  • New: Building a script to support bring your own box support for RHEL releases.
  • Fix: Purging would sometimes not run if the database was too large. Extended the timeout for purging.

# 0.7.9-rc19 1-25-2024

# End User Portal for Call Block Management

  • New: XML Phone Service - Users can see their call history, and block or permit callers, and manage their personal block list from the phone.

# Policy Engine Updates

  • New: Add the devicename of the device that submitted the block.
  • Fix: Expiration in days was not showing up on the edit block page.
  • Fix: Cancel button on the edit block item page was not closing the window.
  • Fix: Call Policy Test page - fixed a bug where the test page would not load.
  • Fix: MS Teams rule alerts was not triggering.

# CDR Updates

  • Fix: Limit Events to 100,000 records on the main page to prevent timeouts loading that page for customers with large CDR databases. Will add UI limits and date ranges on the next release.

# Phone Dashboard and Remote Control

  • Fix: Some of you got an update that would not load the page - with an itl_reset error. That was fixed.
  • New: Add Event History scroll show success and failure for screenshots
  • New: Add Refresh Poller rate - you can change the refresh rate from 1 to 10 seconds based on phone and network conditions.
  • New: Extended max time to connect for screesnhot from 3 seconds to 5 seconds. This fixes some customsers with slow networks.

# General

  • UI: Trim UI libraries by 50% for faster loading.

# 0.7.8 11-6-2023

# Policy Engine Updates

  • New: Live Call Event Streaming - See live call hits on any policy, and any realtime data or app data associated with the call.
  • New: Live refresh events on Policy page for policy online or offline events.
  • New: Policy Create automatically creates a default rule for .* to .* with Permit action.
  • New: Global Block List - new auto-expiration option in Settings page.
  • New: Global Block List - new hit counter and last seen fields.
  • New: Global Block rules - adding defaults to you Org level block expiration settings.
  • New: Refresh UI on the Rules Index page.
  • Fix: Subnet CSV Lookup App - Fixed condition where phone not found, pipeline would stop.
  • Fix: Sort by columns on Policy History Page fixed.
  • Fix: Edit Global Block list dialog formatting fixed.
  • Enhancement: Reputation Report Page - lock color combinations for better readability.

# Policy Webhook App

  • Fix: POST Render payload was not working.
  • Fix: Query Params with special characters were not escaping.
  • Fix: Editing a webhook failed to load the page.

# Twilio Send SMS Alert App

  • New: UI Refresh

# PostgreSQL Caller ID Lookup App

  • New: UI Refresh

# New: CDR Live Webhook Feature

  • New: CDR Webhook Matching Engine - Match CDR conditions, and send the CDR payload as a webhook to any JSON API. (Premium Feature)

# Documentation Site

  • Lots of Documentation updates.

# Appliance Updates

  • New: 100% offline / air gap support. Previous versions needed internet for UI resources, no longer. The appliance can be configured and operate in isolated no internet environments.
  • New: Add support for CSV separated Email addresses for SMTP Alerts
  • New: Flags for Admin and Worker nodes - WORKER_NODE and ADMIN_NODE. This allows you to run a single node cluster, or a multi-node cluster, and only run the API on the work nodes, and admin utilities on the Admin Node.

# 0.7.7-rc23 9/11/2023

# Policy Engine

  • New: CSV Import UI Refresh.
  • New: UI Refresh for Policy Management page.
  • Fix: Edit Block List entry deleted the entry.
  • New: Add/Edit Block list now has an expiration period. It will auto-purge blocked call lists after X days.
  • New: Daily Email Alert for policies offline.
  • New: Push to create policy button creates a Policy in CUCM without copy and paste.
  • New: Rule Modifiers now queries Calllmanager for available greetings in a drop down.
  • New: Postgres SQL Lookup App - Capture more debug data.
  • New: PostgeSQL App - capture exception if Query cannot render for some reason.
  • New: Subnet CSV Lookup App - Add debug data if subnet cannot be found.
  • Fix: Subnet CSV Lookup App - Fixed hourly sync toggle not working.
  • New: Webhook App - Rebuild UI, and support unlimited headers beyond just 2.

# Policy History

  • New: Debug data expandable to all policy history events.

# Dashboard

  • New: Improved UI Phone Dashboard Layout.
  • New: refresh table button to refresh data without reload the page.
  • New: Discovery of CUCM DB registrationdynamic table for last seen and last active.
  • New: Phone action popup feature for remote control and ITL reset - more to come.
  • New: Timezone support for last keepalive timestamp.
  • New: Better logging and progress to the scanner status.

# CDR Reports

  • Fix: Fixed Export all records if no records are selected. Will export up to 1,000,000 records by dfault.

# Platform

  • General: Expand log storage to 7 days, beyond previous of 1 day. Clears every Sunday at 00:00 UTC.
  • General: Eliminated the activate button (it was confusing), and now the license is applied on save.
  • Kubernetes: Add liveness and readiness probes to charts.
  • Container: Improved supervisor management for child processes.
  • Cluster: Kubernetes Nodes - Log support. Set Log level, download and purge logs from the web interface.

# 0.7.3-es4-3 6-10-2023

# Missed Call Alerts

  • (fix) Filter out empty caller ID from sending emails. Also applied in latest 0.7.6 train.

# 0.7.6 7-19-2023

# Missed Call Alerts

  • Add sorting abilities to history table columns.
  • Move Test Missed Call button to within the End User edit page, so you can test individual extensions.
  • Add automatic Primary Extension support for caller ID.
  • Add missed call support for Extension Mobility users.
  • Bug fixes after rebuilding to support multiple extensions per user.
  • Add primary extension sync and matching for source caller id.
  • (fix) Filter out empty caller ID from sending emails.

# Reputation Reports

  • Add block rules, and mcid block lists to the reputation process, table, and stats, and graphs.
  • Add date range report options.
  • Now supports permit only, so you can inspect calls without requiring any block action.

# Settings

  • Some SMTP settings are now set to be required if SMTP are configured.

# Phone Dashboard

  • UI work - Moved visible columns to a dropdown

# General

  • Add CLI User Password Reset

# E911 Location

  • Addresses - add export
  • Addresses - add import CSV

# Fixes

  • CDR Download fixed.

# 0.7.5-rc11 6-6-2023

# General

  • Add ability to change email account via profile edit page.

# 0.7.5 - 5-31-2023

# Spam Analytics

  • Rebuilt the UI
  • CSV Export option
  • Fix timestamps
  • Fix expanded detail showing calls beyond the duration

# Reputation Reports

  • Rebuilt entire page UI
  • Added Date range selector
  • Added Export to CSV
  • Add search to table
  • Add reputation to table
  • Add new fields to report for Policy App, Policy, and Rule associated to the Reputation Event.

# Missed Calls

  • Fix / continue to rebuild call processing from changes in 0.7.4

# General

  • License expiration now shows Community license correctly

# 0.7.4 - 5-9-2023

# Phone Dashboard

  • Add support for 8900 family factory reset

# CDR Reports

  • Fix - Call Connected Display always showing Never
  • Spam Report - rebuild UI, add export to CSV.

# Policy Engine & Reports

  • Add Webhook to Realtime App list.
  • Add Webhook Body returned to App_data response.
  • Add Webhook GET method (in addition to POST)
  • Add Webhook varaible support for URL field
  • Add ability to use Webhook JSON response (body field) as Rule Modifiers for Caller ID.
  • Enhance Policy History Export to export all history in the report rather than just what is shown.
  • Fix - Bug in MCID Cache issue introduced in 0.7.3
  • Fix - Duplicate MCID check did not check called party, which resulted in false positive matches, and would not add it as an blocked number.

# General

  • Add SMTP SSL Support
  • Fix - Call Modifiers saved but did not show the data on the page.
  • Fix - Bug in MCID Cache issue introduced in 0.7.3. Second calls to the same number within 1 minute were blocked until that 1 minute cache expired.

# Missed Call

  • Multiple extension support. Can disable and enable Webex and Email alerts per extension.
  • If multiple lines are matched, caller ID will be unknown shared line.

# 0.7.3 - 3/31/2023

# Phone Dashboard

  • Add support for 8800 family factory reset

# Policy Engine

  • Fix - Add a catch if a user sends a null value in the calling party field.

# MCID / Block List

  • Fixed a cache issue where duplicate hits came in and cache was not processed correctly.

# Policy Apps

  • Analog Device Support - Realtime discovery Support for analog devices like ATAs and VGs.
  • Daily Limit Alerts for TrueSpam.
  • Fixed Call Test page - implicit rules would leave the loading spinner going.
  • UI - Add Back to Policies button from within Rules.
  • UI - on policy history table - only shows + mark beside rows with events.

# Reputation Reports

  • Combined last 7 days and last 30 days pie chart into tab panel
  • Added table of last 100 blocked calls, showing caller details, reason, and time.

# Policy Alerts

  • MS Teams alerts support for rules, in addition to an App. This allows better alert at larger scale.

# Callmanager Settings

  • UI - RIS polling is now under Advanced Settings expansion.
  • UI - Help Link button, along with improved documentation.
  • Fixed RIS Test button, it was testing connection incorrectly using the AXL user.

# Appliance

  • Add Purge reports and settings for policy history, missed calls, and cdr history under settings.

# 0.7.2 - 2/28/2023

# Policy Apps

  • Add ordering for Apps to create sequential workflow. Update Rule Edit pages to reflect order.
  • UI page work - Webhook, Subnet CSV, MS Teams, Phone Discovery, SOAP Query, TrueSpam, SMS to Caller, Send email app - to support sequential apps, and show app output.
  • Add local subnet condition to the SOAP Query app.
  • Better handling of workflow App dependancies.
  • Improve error messages from Apps.

# Policy History Reports

  • Policy History table now has virtual scroll with more paging options.
  • Default of 7 Days
  • Fixed pagination issues.
  • Added Filters for Action type, Device Name, and Date range for more history.

# Policy Apps

  • Add MCID Edit button.

# General

  • Updates to software and language tools.
  • Update K3S support for 1.25
  • Improve details for SMTP test response.
  • Disable App Alerts for conditions less than failure or crash.
  • Add status of current logging level on settings page.

# Bug Fixes

  • Fixed CDR Live Event Streaming link.
  • Fixed formatting of Spam Analytics page - was too small.
  • Corrections to Reputation Scoring in policy history.
  • Fix trigger point type in policy history.
  • Fix Call Test showing other call events.

# 0.7.1 - 1/24/2023

# Phone Dashboard, Remote Control, and E911 Discovery

  • Support for clusters with more than 30,000 IP Phones.

# Policies, Apps and E911 Location

  • Phone discovery priorities the active registered status, rather than AXL provisioning status.
  • Add Alert option for rendering App output only when successful, which simplifies the technical data for security staff. App.message can be filtered, and diagnostic messages can still be included via app_data.provider_message.
  • Add Microsoft Teams Alert App. This renders the rule alert template, and posts into a MS Teams space via Webhook connector.
  • Add Remote Subnets feature to Subnet CSV App. This allows remote subnets to have priority, so that remote subnets are not located to exist "within a datacenter" - this can be confusing to security staff.
  • Add CSV export to Policy History table.
  • Add Validate CSV button to CSV Subnet App for remote and local subnet text.

# Bugfixes

  • Fix blank page when creating a rule.
  • Fix enforcement of Jabber blocking licensing on Communtiy.
  • Fix cosmetic UI issues around paid licensing messages.

# 0.7.0 - 12/15/2022

# Phone Dashboard, Remote Control, and E911 Discovery

  • International support for ALL language CUCM Locales added.
  • Support for CDP and LLDP Neighbor discovery of 7940, 7960, 6900, and 3900 phones added.
  • Add AXL data to dashboard
  • Add Subnet, Device Pool columns to phone dashboard.
  • Remote Control for 6900 series phones added.
  • Support for any LLDP or CDP Neighbor - tested with HP, Aruba, Cisco
  • Support for TLS 1.0 fallback for users of CUCM 8.0, 8.5, 9.0, and 9.1
  • Discovery is now fault tolerant and isolated threads per phone.
  • Major UI and data optimization within Call Test page.
  • Increase default AXL/RIS Timeout to 12 seconds from 4 seconds. Helpful default for larger clusters.
  • Dashboard column headers in use now save automatically.
  • Added 4 transformations for e911 hostname discovery standardization.
  • Filter unregistered phones for remote control
  • Data is now compressed to the client making Dashboard much faster to load.
  • Support for lowercase device names through case insensitive APIs.

# CDR Reporting

  • Localized Timezone support, configure in settings.

# Missed Call Alerts

  • Add Enable/Disable toggle for processing
  • Add Daily report for calls processed.

# Policy Engine

  • Realtime rendering preview of alert template when drafting alerts
  • Support for custom email subject lines
  • Notifications of apps being added or removed in the UI
  • Add Policy History sort by column feature
  • Rebuild App page UI
  • Rebuild Alert page UI

# Apps

  • Add Not Found message to XML Query app - if no data is returned.

# General

  • Removed ability for users to create new Orgs on Appliances after the first org has been created.

# Bug Fixes

  • Sync All End Users job not running
  • Handle users without emails on sync

# 0.6.9 - 11-11-2022

# TrueSpam Robocall Reputation Filtering

  • Add Secondary API for failover. Endpoints currently available in US East and US West. If you need international endpoints, please ask.
  • Add Caller ID Renaming based on reputation (ie: POTENTIAL SPAM)
  • Add Call Deflection based on reputation to any extension
  • Add Called Number to api query
  • Add Strip option to remove leading digits for cases where calls have prefixes added - for example adding a 9 for missed calls

# CSV Subnet Location App

  • Rewrote the UI Page, added popup feedback to sync now button.
  • Sync button now works in creation page or edit page to pull down data

# Missed Call Notifications

  • Rebuild custom missed call text. Renders Markdown and toggle buttons for callback, and message back via Webex App.
  • Cloud Webex Notifications for missed calls via CT Cloud Connect.
  • Add Auto provision nightly for end users, can be enabled for Email, Webex App, or both when a new user is detected in CUCM Directory.

# Realtime Policies

  • All devices can now discover IP from Callmanager - not just SEP Phones.
  • Call Test page now saves the last settings used in simulated calls
  • Next_hop now populates a hostname_upcase, which up-cases the hostname, and strips off the domain for some customers who need that format.
  • Add App add/remove association notification when saving.
  • Add Alert page notification when saving.
  • Rebuild Rule to Apps Association Page with better notifications soon to add ordering rule flow.

# Appliance

  • TLS - certificate is stored under /home/app/cert. You can override this via a volume mount in docker-compose.yml, and mount your own TLS certificate. TLS Docs
  • Retired "EXTERNAL_IPV4" variable in dockerfile
  • Updated docker tag to pin PostgreSQL to 14
  • CentOS Stream 9

# Call Telemetry Cloud Connect

  • First feature - Cloud Notifications using the Call Telemery Webex Bot, so you don't have to provision your own bot.

# AirGap Update Docs

  • Added notes in updating section for updating the appliance offline.

# Role Based Access

  • Role Based Access working, and can be turned on in settings. Permissions can be modified under Administrators.

# Phone Reports

  • Add Hardware Version discovery for Webex Calling Migration reports to HW Versions - like V03 and V02.
  • Add Authentication error message to remote control page

# Open Source Declarations

  • Delcarations for open source credits.

# Bug Fixes

  • Callmanager Ceate page was broken from a UI library update, resolved.
  • RIS Calculator not working correctly in the UI, fixed.
  • Apps page now shows all user apps, not just the ones you created.
  • Missed Call custom text would be overridden when changing other settings, added "default message" button to reset the markdown text.
  • Entering invalid license data resulted in an error preventing access back into the web interface.
  • Jabber blocking link updated to HTTPS on MCID Page.
  • Fix Jabber success popup when blocking a caller
  • Administrators can now edit Apps created by other users. This caused the app to appear to reset the text, fixed.
  • Fixed SMTP crash when message text is empty
  • Fixed TrueSpam toggle options not saving
  • Fixed TrueSpam UI exclusion page when entering more than one csv line

Kubernetes Helm Chart 0.7.4

# 0.6.8 - 9-12-2022

# TrueSpam Robocall Reputation Filtering

  • TrueSpam direct service is now an App, replacing Twilio TrueSpam App
  • Call Telemetry is now an authorized reseller for TrueSpam
  • Spam and Call Reputation Dashboard
  • Add support for configurable minimum digit exclusions from sending to TrueSpam

# Policy Engine

  • Policy events now have App Events, Alert Events, and Discovery Events associated with each policy hits.
  • Removed debug message from Alerts based on customer feedback.
  • Added ECC via TLS. Use https://server:8443 as the syntax if you want to use TLS. Make sure to add the appliance cert to Callmanager Trust and restart it and the Cisco Callmanager service for it to connect.

# Discovery & Apps

  • Phone Discovery is now an App. This was previouly a hard to find hidden checkbox under Edit Policy, and just didn't make sense for the entire policy to be a discovery policy. It's now a simple App addon to discover the phone per-rule! It runs before all other post-call apps to ensure that phone discover is available for use in them.
  • Phone Variables component now shows all apps associated that you can use in an alert.

# Missed Call Notifications

  • Add option for using markdown custom alerts.

# CDR Reporting

  • Calls that never connected now show "Never" instead of 1970.

# Admin

  • Rebuilt Administrator page, along with a preview of RBAC permission controls coming soon.
  • Addd delete organization button under troubleshooting, probably to merge into Admin menu later.

# Deprecations

  • Twilio TrueSpam Addon is replaed by the new TrueSpam direct integration.

# Bug Fixes

  • Appliance OVA Backup script issue resulting in deleted docker-compose.yaml and upgrade.sh file.
  • Fixed Settings page for Twilio not saving.
  • Missed Call test button is fixed.
  • End User Sync is now limited to only sync the primary line on a user's phone.
  • Import End users button resulting in a 404.

# Screenshots

realtime call scanning Spam Reputation Dashboard Policy and Event Reporting page App never

# 0.6.7 - 9-16-2022

# App - TrueSpam Robocall Spam Filtering

  • Add CSV list for always exclude - critical numbers that never need to be scanned.
  • Add automatic exclusion for 10 digit only calling patterns.
  • Enhancements to recovery during processing.
  • Add logging output to pipeline and event log to record action and spam score from Twilio.
  • Add documentation on setup process - TrueSpam Filtering Setup (opens new window)

# App - [CSV Subnet Data Lookup]

  • Enhancement - You can now use a header on the CSV. Only 2 fields need to be named - subnet, and mask. Any other field can be included, and will be presented under { { app.data.your_fieldname } }.
  • Enhancement - App now asks for success and failure output to deliver messages designed for end-users to see. For example, you might render "Phone Located at { { app.data.site_name } } "or have another app that simply scans for Remote VPN users - and returns "Phone is on Remote VPN".

# Apps

  • Add message, debug data, and raw output for debugging. You can attach message output to alerts, and this data is stored in the database. More to come on this feature.

# Realtime Policy Engine

  • Add Longest matching for rules - previously as designed, the first rule to match would activate. Now, the longest prefix to match will activate - making rule matching even more accurate.
  • Add support for CURRI Diversion / Divert on Directory Numbers. If the API detects you are trying to translate the call to a new called destination, and it's terminating on a phone, it sends a Diversion response to the CURRI API.

# Realtime Discovery

  • Add Phone model to AXL Query returned from discovery process. You can include IP Phone model in your alerts now.
  • Add Debug data. Each Discovery action returns a one line result, automatically attached to long format alerts like Email and Webex Teams. This can show operators success/failure of the realtime activities.

# Missed Call Notifications

  • Add Missed Call Prefix digits to apply to calling numbers.
  • Add Missed Call Prefix Maximum - for example calling numbers (internal) under 10 digits so you can prefix an outbound dial prefix to reach them.
  • Add Missed Call Email subject customization
  • Formatting enhancements to the Missed Call Email, including a button for callback.
  • Add Test Missed Call Notification button on end user page, generates a sample missed call to that user for testing/confirmation.

# General

  • Add email alert for license expiration.
  • Removed App Test page. Testing Apps is highly dependant on rules and even policy settings. At this time, it just doens't flow well to test an App in isolation. Focus will be on the Call Test Page.
  • Updating of K8s charts for on-premise appliances
  • Add NATS.io Message Bus
  • Development progress - Cloud connector for hybrid deployments to leverage cloud notifications, and webex bot integration.

# Deprecated Features:

  • CUBE Integration - very low interest, disabling for now.
  • Live Log - I'm refactoring this feature into something better - as shown in this release with CDR Live Events.
  • Remote Lookup App - This feature overlapped too much with CSV Subnet Lookup App. I enhanced the CSV Subnet app, and having a second IP lookup app was redundant. You can simply create multiple CSV Subnet Lookup Apps, with different output text to get the same result scanning over multiple lists, rendering different output messages.
  • Rule Test Page - Consolidating efforts into the Policy Call Test page.

# Bug Fixes:

  • MCID was accidentally working in Community licensing in previous versions. This has always been listed as a paid feature under the Commercial license, and by correcting this and synching to the published licensing model, MCID processing (adding to the MCID list) is no longer active in Community edition.
  • CDP Inventory and Location page fixed from changes in 0.6.6
  • In the OVA appliance, the test page received live requests, confusing the results. This is fixed.
  • Sometimes, phone remote control would timeout after 5 seconds, fixed.
  • CSV import of blocked calls was missing, re-added.
  • Password Change was not working - fixed.
  • Support for CUCM CURRI API versions - mainly below 12.0 that do not send CURRI "calling_devicename" parameter. This missing data caused some policies to crash.

# 0.6.6 - 8-11-2022

  • Add duplicate checking for missed calls for customers with HA CUBE environments. Duplicate calls within the same minute are considered the same call.
  • Add skip delete cdr for 5 minutes button in troubleshooting, if needed to obtain a raw CDR without spinning up a secondary SFTP server.
  • Add download cdr from troubleshooting, download the skipped CDR files in a zip file from the web page.
  • Enhancements to Call Testing and App Testing Page.

# Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed Realtime Apps - Twilio Spam App and Database lookup Apps.
  • Moved Spam Analytics to Commercial Level license, it was unintentionally unlocked in community.

# 0.6.5 - 7/29/2022

  • Bulk import button is now disabled until users are selected.
  • Loading screen added while users are being imported.
  • Add Internal Caller ID matching for Missed Call Alerts - if a calling party extension matches in End Users, First and Last name are automatically appended to the alert.
  • Renamed Callback via Webex Teams to Webex App in missed call alert.
  • K8s Stable-HA Helm Chart 0.7.0

# Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed CUCM Selected End User Import bug

# 0.6.4 - 6-28-2022

  • New app: VPN / MRA Remote Lookup. Query a list of subnets and MRA ips, to determine if a device is on-presmise or off-premise, which delivers custom output text relevant to security or dispatch teams.
  • Rebuilt MCID Management UI Page. Now includes live CDR Event streaming.
  • Enhanced MCID Matching, no regex required. If called number is not present, it's a wildcard.
  • Added App Testing page to better explain how data is presented to Apps
  • Added Click to Call SIP and Webex Teams links to Missed Call Alerts
  • Added Bulk Enable and Disable of Missed Call Users
  • Added Sync all users in End User page - imports and automitically deletes expired users
  • Added Sync All users option in AXL page - imports/deletes users from CUCM database.
  • Added Missed Call Alert details for success/failure
  • Better UI on the Phone Inventory
  • K8s Stable-HA Helm Chart 0.6.9

# Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed duplicate end user import crashing the bulk import process.
  • Fixed MCID Matching.
  • Phone inventory manual scan would not engage if scheduled RIS collection was disabled.
  • Default RIS pacing not filled in by default, causing inventory not to work. Added defaults.

# 0.6.3 - 6-20-2022

  • New call simulation page: live updates and debug, and full JSON view of the data from apps and discovery, including raw CURRI output.
  • New app: SOAP XML query. Query any generic HTML SOAP source for alert/location data.
  • 7940 support for cdp neighbor inventory
  • Bulk select and import for end users
  • Inventory Export and Scan is now one button for selected phones or all
  • K8s Stable-HA Helm Chart 0.6.8

# Bug Fixes:

  • Remote Control fixed. Was not working in 0.6.2
  • AXL and RIS scheduled sync fix
  • CDP Neighbor scheduled sync fix
  • RIS Batching improvements
  • RIS Scanning improvements
  • Deduplicate End users on AXL import page for users with multiple devices

# 0.6.2 - 6-6-2022

  • Export selected CDR records to CSV, and rows per page addition.
  • Export all, or selected realtime inventory to CSV.
  • Live status from the inventory scanning process, with completion message.
  • Minor formatting improvements on Realtime Inventory page, including drop down for rows per page.
  • K8s Stable-HA Helm Chart 0.6.7

# Bug Fixes:

  • Logging on appliance was not working
  • Case of null extensions from RIS on inventory page
  • License fix for adding CUCMs in the community version

# 0.6.1 - 6-2-2022

  • Add RIS Batch size, to allow reducing the cpu load of the default 1000 RIS batch size.
  • Default within the policy settings is to do a realtime query on if there is a Callmanager populated in settings.
  • More alert reliability work and logging
  • Pagination to Realtime Inventory page
  • Minor formatting enhancements to Inventory page
  • Clicking left top corner icon now takes you to policies instead of welcome page
  • K8s Stable-HA Helm Chart 0.6.6

# Bug Fixes:

  • CDR Processing fixed

# 0.6.0 - 5-27-2022

  • New App: Traceroute Phone to nearest L3 Switch - Runs an ICMP trace to the phone, locating the last hop gateway, then queries a CMDB for 911 location data. Currently BETA & customized for one customer, please ask for more details.
  • Added detail on call simulation about rule match.
  • Rule Apps are now visible to all admins in an Org, not just the creator.
  • K8s Stable-HA Helm Chart 0.6.5

# Bug Fixes:

  • CDP App Logging
  • Location page not loading
  • Post Call Admin Alert reliability
  • Location pipeline reliability
  • License activation

# 0.5.9 - 5-17-2022

  • New App: CSV Subnet lookup - matches Subnet from a CSV file, and adds that as an app variable to any alert or app flow. They are using this to augment 911 data with internal data.
  • K8s Stable-HA Helm Chart 0.6.3

# Bug Fix: Unable to add new administrators after license is applied

# 0.5.8 - 5-2-2022

  • Call Simulator - add tab on rules page to allow direct test of rule, including alerts, and call results and apps to trigger.
  • Ability to run a secondary instance in K8s for testing new version
  • K8s Stable-HA Helm Chart 0.6.3

# Bug Fixes

  • Empty modifiers would override caller id.
  • MCID exact match triggered on some similar numbers, rather than exact matches.
  • Greetings were not injected with some changes introduced in 0.5.7.
  • CDR Upload Page link incorrect.
  • CDR Upload Page parser error.

# 0.5.7 - 4-15-2022

  • New App - PostgreSQL Lookup - Use App Data in Curri Modifier fields. You can now query a CRM or Database, and modify the caller's name from data returned from the webhook. Or query a 911 API for an ELIN, and assign the ELIN to the caller.
  • New App: Postgres SQL Lookup App - make your own query to inject your own dynamic Caller ID or modifications to the final call. Supports substitions just like alert varabiles.
  • Add CDP /Subnet from IP Phone Logging to policy events
  • Add logging for Apps success/failure to event history.
  • Added helpful tips in the appliance login page and banner, and removed un-necessary path, all files are now under /home/calltelemetry
  • Fresh CentOS 8 stream with all the updates created.
  • Code testing.
  • K8s Stable-HA Helm Chart 0.6.2

# Bug Fixes

  • Fix CDR Upload

# 0.5.6 - 3-23-2022

  • Added logging for CDP and Subnet Realtime Discovery.
  • Usability improvments - back button on the poilicy page. Renamed E911 Manager, and moved "911 Manager" to Location Manager, under 911 Manager.
  • Added Build, version, hash on settings page from GitHub.
  • Fix an issue with CUCM 12.5 AXL
  • Removed google analytics tracker on the appliance home screen, now there is no tracking is on the appliance in alignment with our new privacy model.
  • Tested multi-cluster support for realtime phone lookups.
  • Public Docker Security Scan added to DockerHub for more visibility of our security operations.
  • Port 80 is now API only to increase security, no admin access allowed.
  • Updated packages to reduce vulnerability exposure.
  • K8S Stable-HA Helm version 0.6.1

# 0.5.5 - 3-15-2022

  • Fixed policy issue related to a security change.
  • Port 80 now handles CURRI, and now no administration can be done on unencrypted channel.

# 0.5.4 - 3-10-2022

  • Fixed an issue where the same email address was unable to be added to different rules.
  • Added logging for AXL and RIS realtime lookup tasks when a call hits a policy.
  • Improved CI/CD scanning for code, software, and container vulnerabilities.
  • Minor updates to libraries and docker images to address security issues.

# 0.5.3 - 3-01-2022

  • Disable email activation to mailing list, moving to a privacy first model.
  • All API/Token/Password fields are binary encrypted in database now.
  • Crisp chat, and Google Analytics are completely removed from the appliance. It is 100% air gapped. Nothing calls home.
  • Add more SMTP Logging - all raw details of succes or failure to policy log.
  • Removed org and rule caching as it caused issues in multi-cluster installations, it will be back soon.

# 0.5.2 - 2-27-2022

  • Add handling around phones that may respond with but have an invalid or blank CDP LLDP Neighbor response.
  • More error handling around exceptions of realtime discovery, and alert variables.
  • Add logging of test and simulated calls to policy events. You can now see the results of cdp discovery, and the raw data presented to any alert.
  • Add retry on all AXL, RIS, Phone XML Query, Webex Teams, SMTP, and Twilio operations.
  • Fix AXL Test Button
  • Flush Cache on Webex Teams addition
  • Fixed CUCM creation defaults on the toggle synchronization sliders
  • Add cancel button to CUCM Edit Page
  • Start AXL and RIS Sync Status on Callmanager save, so status is immediately updated for services.
  • Disable Google Analytics and Crisp Chat on Appliance
  • Add AXL and RIS Timeout to Callmanager Settings.
  • Add SSL Self Signed Certificate for management access security.

# 0.5.1 - 2-24-2022

  • Fixed MCID pipeline issue when disabling MCID call blocking in policy
  • Add exception handling on all rule matching to continue processing
  • Fixed AXL Test Feature
  • Fixed Import Rule via CSV

# 0.5.0 - 2-16-2022

  • Add real-time phone discovery option in as a policy setting, so instead of synchronizing of "all" phones, you can discover phone details in realtime, and use those details in Rule Alerts as variables. If you have E911 locations defined, it populates Subnet, Address, Near, and Port level descriptions. It discovers and records subnets, switch neighbor and port information, all in realtime
  • Rebuilt alert variable rendering / data pipeline for variable consistency across Apps and Alerts
  • Optimized inspection pipeline, easily handles 1000 call inspections per second on a macbook, 90% under 2ms response time
  • Add load testing instruction documentation
  • Capture Alerts and Data / Variable in the Event Logs
  • Add Enable/Disable Webex Teams and Email Alerts in settings
  • Add Enable/Disable for RIS Sync, and Phone Discovery in settings (globally)
  • Update "Scan phones now" feature - manually overrides the above new flag, and queries all phones and discovers them immediately.
  • Add Alert variables - phone: neighbor_ip, neighbor_name, neighbor_port, subnet_base, subnet_prefix Location variables around switch and port location details.
  • Fix Edit Policy link
  • Add download log file to troubleshooting page, so you can set debug levels, and download post call.
  • Improvement: Call Test feature does not log test calls to policy history. Rules increment, but will not write a log
  • Missed Call Import Users is now case-insensitive for easier searching.
  • Bump Elixir from 1.12.3 to 1.13.3

# 0.4.9 - 2-4-2022

  • Webex Teams and Email Alerts on policy connect/disconnect events to Callmanager
  • Added Meraki Integration enable/disable option
  • Added Call Test feature in Troubleshooting Tools to enter calling, called, device name, and policy to simulate a full test call flow
  • Updated CentOS OVA from 8.x to 8 Stream, and fresh ova build
  • Resync with Kubernetes deployment
  • License UI Improvements
  • UI improvements
  • Minor bug fixes

# 0.4.8 - 10-25-2021

  • Greeting Management of default block greeting with greeting preview and upload to all CUCM clusters.
  • More efficient Meraki Sync Pipeline
  • Enhanced Logging, including logging to file and UI options.
  • Minor bug fixes

# 0.4.7 - 9-30-2021

  • New 911 Ports View to list and edit ports discovered.
  • Working towards Cloud Call Telemetry Webex Teams Bot / Integration.
  • Add Webex Teams Message Alert when CURRI Policies and go online or offline.
  • Google Text to Speech (TTS) integration to generate WAV files and automatic upload to all CUCM Clusters for initial use in block policies. Example: "Your call was blocked, if you feel this was in error, pleaes contact us via..."
  • System updates - Elixir, Erlang, Node.
  • Bug fix on CDR upload page
  • Bug fix in rule pipeline parsing.
  • Bug fix in overlapping rule creation.
  • Bug fix in alert and app variable substition if variables do not exist.

# 0.4.6 9-13-2021

  • New Documentation site!
  • AXL sync can now manually import instead of pulling all users.
  • RIS in previous 0.4.5 only collected 1000 phones max, that's been updated. Cisco limits all RIS services to 15 requests per minute by default. Added a setting slider for "requests per minute". If you have 15,000 phones, you might set this to 10 or less per minute, and all data would be resolved within 2 minutes. There's a calculator on the page to guide you here.
  • Better Callmanager settings page to cover more errors and tests.
  • Add CDR Upload - one or multiple - to CDR History/Report page
  • Discover all IP Subnets used. Looks at the IP Phone, gets the actual mask used, and calculates.
  • 911 Manager - Add Addresses which can be associated with subnets, switches, and even phones.
  • 911 Survey - Leverage instant QR codes and crowd sourced submissions to build accurate 911 location data.
  • 911 Alerts with Address Location
  • 911 Meraki Address sync - Matches CDP Neighbors to Meraki Switches, pulls Address Marker, and Notes to populate instant 911 location data.
  • UI Rewrites - SideBar
  • AXL Test gets version as test instead of users (less load on CUCM for testing)
  • Remote Control softkey overlays on virual screen
  • Jabber Custom Tab for call block self-service submissions

# 0.4.5 8-8-2021

  • Live RIS Data - Pulls all registered phone details, new data is available in any alert or webhook. Report or full export of data.
  • Network wide discovery - pulls Serial, Subnet and CDP neighbor and port of every phone, including IP and calcuates full subnet base and mask. This data is now available in any alert or webhook.
  • Remote Control - Live remote control of any phone.
  • ITL Reset - Single or Bulk ITL Reset

# 0.4.4 7-15-2021

  • CDR Missed Call Alerts - Toggle per user, emails the user of the missed call.
  • Callmanager User Sync - Automatically syncs User data (Name, Email, Extension) with one or more Callmanagers every 15 minutes.
  • Org wide defaults for SMTP, Webex, and Twilio, along with Test options on WebexTeams and SMTP.
  • New UI Framework - CDR Events, MCID, CDR Call History, Policy History, End Users (AXL Sync), and Settings have a nice new user interface - completely rebuilt!

# 0.4.3 -5-5-2021

  • Spam Investgiation Dashboard - Explore short duration calls that your users might not report. Look for trends in recent CDR calls based on duration and frequency to identify spam callers. More to come here.
  • Live CDR Logs - you can now view CDR processing in realtime without going to the console logs.
  • New Marketing Web Page launched in April.
  • Transition from perpetual development builds to license keys.

# 0.4.2 -3-10-2021

  • CUBE Integration - CUBEs are now supported through native Cisco XCC APIs. You can add a CUBE, and link each to any policy. The CUBE page provides the 4-5 lines of CLI to link your CUBEs to Call Telemetry.

# 0.4.1 -2/28/2021

  • Lots of improvements to the HA Clustering from production deployments.
  • RegEx Patterns on Rules - Allowing more complex combinations.
  • Compliance Rules - Org Wide Priority Policies, with dynamic Spam Lookup support, before handing the call to the user policies.
  • New App: TrueSpam Spam Lookup - First Compliance Spam Lookup App - dynamically query Spam APIs to block smarter.
  • Optimization & Caching - 3x Performance! - 100 call inspections per core per second in under 15ms on the OVA. Profiled 700/call inspections/second running the OVA on 8 cores. Need more? See HA Clustering.
  • Webex Teams App supports Markdown
  • More Data Fields available in Apps
  • Enhancements to Live Logging process.
  • Policies now reflect the cause of the action taken.
  • Pricing Page added
  • Minor Bug Fixes
  • UI updates:
  • Admins Page
  • License Page
  • Org Drop Down Selection on sidebar
  • Password Reset Page
  • More detail on Rule Pages - drop down with Apps and Modifiers in the rule.
  • 0.4.1 expires 3-31-2021 without a permenant license.

# January Updates -1/2021

  • HA Clustering available - Load Balancing and full failover - HA Setup Guide
  • OVA Builder scripting: OVAs are automatically built fresh from CentOS 8.3 every release.
  • Uploaded new Docker-Compose OVA
  • Uploaded Cluster starter OVA
  • Sizing Guide
  • Load Testing instructions

# 0.4.0 -12/2/2020

  • New App: Send Message to Calling Number - for Post Call Surveys
  • New App: Webhooks (migrated from existing Webhook feature)
  • New MCID Page - CDR Status, and MCIDs
  • New Bulk Rule Import/Export - Import/Export multiple rules in bulk
  • New IOS Rule Import / Export - direct from IOS translation rules
  • New CDR Parser: Rebuilt CDR parser for stability.
  • New Organization Feature: - Add multiple team members to an Organization to manage policies.
  • CDR MCID: Prior to 0.4.0 - CDR MCID were added to the "Default Policy" only. Now they are stored in a Organization MCIDs Table.
  • Added ability for policies to block on MCIDs, or ignore them.
  • Daily SQL backups on the OVA
  • Breaking Changes:
    • WebHooks are now an App.
  • Kubernetes manifest is not ready for 0.4.0 yet - coming soon.

# 0.3.9 - 11/5/2020

  • New: Apps - Customizable App structure.
  • New: App: Native Webex Teams Alert
  • New: App: Native SMTP Alert
  • New: App: Native SMS Alert
  • New: Added Manual CDR Upload to CDR Reports page
  • New: Added Parser support for CUCM 12.5 CDR.
  • Change: Beta Build Expires 1/31/2021
  • Breaking Changes:
    • "Alerts" are now within Apps. This allows full customization of the Alert in any format - Teams, SMS, SMTP, or whatever comes next.
    • Removed Alerts Tab in Rule Edit.
    • Removed SMTP Settings Page - SMTP Settings are now part of Apps.
    • Previously defined SMTP/Email Alerts will still work this release as transition release - but will not show up in the UI. This feature will be officially removed in 0.4.0.

# 0.3.8 - 9/24/2020

  • New: _Webhooks / Apps _ - Add multiple HTTP triggers to any realtime call event! Apps are coming and will be even smarter.
  • New: OVA Pre-Built Appliance Release
  • UI Updates - Many UI enhancements, more to come.
  • New: Documentation Site
  • New: Expire MCID submissions - Configure a day limit for user submissions to automatically expire/delete.
  • New: Policies UI consolidated - history, search, live logs, all from the Policies View.
  • New: Improved Settings Page with Tabs
  • Fixed: SMTP - had some issues found in testing.
  • Fixed: Hit counters.
  • This version is still unlimited and this release expires on 12/31/2020
  • Fixed: Standardized time entries to UTC.
  • Removed Discord Community Link.
  • Added Webex Teams - you can now join a dedicated room in Cisco Webex Teams - see footer.

# 0.3.7 - 8/5/2020

  • Added Live Logging - Streaming logs of realtime call processing for CURRI_API. Now you can see calls and policy decisions made - in Realtime.
  • Updated CDR Uploads Page - Now you can upload multiple CDR files via drag and drop. CDR will be processed to the Log View, where every field is decoded, and Malicious caller tags are written into your default policy.
  • Added Called Party Translation - reroute callers to any new number using Policies.
  • Added _Calling Party / Calling Name _ - change the caller ID of any call in realtime.
  • Added Event Bus - This is currently more an internal feature, and optimizes realtime responses and lays work for third more exciting integrations.

# 0.3.6 - 7/20/2020

  • Updated, tested and Simplified documentation.
  • Removed Linux option compiled per Distro. If you need linux only and no docker, let me know.
  • Add Email Alerts + SMTP Support.
    • You can now receive an Instant Email Alerts on any Route Point, Translation, or Phone Number - including Emergency Alerts like 911 Patterns. CDR not required, and more than one email address can be added.

# 0.3.5 - 3/20/2020

  • Add Greeting Injection support for Permit and Block Actions.
    • You can now inject greetings without blocking calls - for example to inject a Coronavirus greeting to every call into your cluster.
    • You can use this by typing the exact name of the greeting in Callmanager Announcements into the rule, shown below.
  • Add Permit action - you can now have policies that do not block.
  • Add default action - calling and called numbers can be blank to match all calls in a policy.

# 0.3.4 - 3/15/2020

"Call Actions/Triggers" are coming soon, but every feature includes the UI complexity. I focused on this release to be simpler to use, easier to deploy, and better tested.

Web Pages & How-to Videos:

  • Video training on deployment and onboarding


  • Updates to latest versions, including minor refactoring to comply with library changes.


  • Intense effort to simplify, and build easier to understand User Interface.

  • Quick Add of numbers for manual entry

  • Policy Keepalive - shows multiple Health status for each Policy's Keepalive to Callmanager. It also detects failure, and shows the last time seen.

  • Call Logs -

    • View Live CURRI API Calls.
    • Quick Block / Permit Toggle
    • Policy result history tracking
  • Moved version to Navbar, simplified Navbar

  • CDR UI cleaned up


  • Improved Documentation on Docker Install
  • Added Kubernetes Deployment Model


  • Intensely tested every part of the application.
  • Removed Slack Channel (invite process is messy)
  • Added Discord Channel - easy to join, no invite process.
  • Removed Twitter Handle - I'm not using it yet.

# 0.3.3 - 2/27/2020


  • Called party rules. Policies can now be Calling, Called, or Both party matches now. Rules have a calling and called field. Policy type determines what is used.
  • UX Enhancements
  • Time limits removed, no expiration date.

# 0.3.2 - 12/10/2019

New Features

  • SIP Service - Point a route pattern at a Callmanager SIP Trunk towards the IP of the CallTelemetry host (on-premise), and you can now transfer calls to add them to the call block list.
  • UX Enhancements

Bug Fixes

  • Call Pagination issues

# 0.3.1 - 12/4/2019

New Features Introducing the Industry First CDR to CURRI Integration, allowing automatic incoming call blocking!

  • SFTP Server - To accept CDR uploads from Callmanager. Tightly integrated so that the login is exactly the same as the Web Interface of your server.
  • CDR Parser - Full support of all CDR(Call Detail Record) fields from Cisco UCM viewable in the web UI. We support 11.x and 12.x. If you have errors send an example of your failed CDR file to me, I can easily add more parsers.
  • MCID Automatic Blocking - Detection of Malicious Caller-ID (MCID) flag and automatically blacklisting the caller without any interaction beyond the user pressing the MCID softkey.

# 0.2.9 - 11/1/2019

First Public Release for On-Prem.

0.2.9 expires Feb 1 2020. New Features

  • Cisco Incoming Call Blocking - You can apply a call block policy to any Route Pattern, Translation, or Directory Number. You can spread that to multiple CUCM Clusters to have complete call blocking globally.
  • Call Logging - All calls from devices using the policy are available in the CURRI Call log.

# 0.2.0 - 9/1/2019

Cloud only. Proof of concept available for public demo.

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